About Our Logo

Chris O’Dea descended from Irish stock. Michael O’Dea, an Irish stone mason from county Tipperary, was the first of the O’Dea clan to arrive in Newfoundland, in the first decade of the 19th century.  With masonry work scarce in Newfoundland, Michael established a farm on Freshwater Road, where the Taxation Data Centre now stands in St. John’s.

It is believed that the Tipperary O’Dea’s may have descended from the O’Dea’s that occupied the territory in Ireland that was called the Barony of Tullagh O’Dea, in the 7th century. At that time the family built a property complete with a round tower stone fortress, in a town that is now called Dysert in County Clare. Some of the O’Dea’s original buildings are still standing in Dysert and open to the public for viewing. Among the remains is a significant stone Romanesque doorway. In fact, another Michael O’Dea crossed the threshold of this doorway as it has been recorded that he remodeled the premises in the 17th century.

Chris O’Dea visited the Dysert ancestral homeland in Sept. 2000. He was so moved by the experience that he decided to recognize the legacy of the "O’Dea Rebel Clan". This recognition is manifested by using the Romanesque stone doorway as the logo and symbol of O’Dea’s Realty and Auction Room. It is a fitting tribute to Michael O’Dea, the stone mason, who arrived on a ship in St. John’s in St. John’s Harbour on 1808 to start a new life as a farmer in this rugged land.

Just as the O’Dea ancestors entered a room through the Romanesque doorway, this logo symbolizes your entrance to O’Dea’s Realty and Auction Room