17 Alfred's Drung




The address alone can stir the imagination and recall the days when horse and carts were hauling produce along the drung, a narrow lane supported on both sides by rocks that had been removed from the ground before planting by our earliest settlers.


Charles Cullum, Architect and Sylvia Cullum, acquired the land on the drung in the late 1969 and in 1970, they built their new home. Construction was completed in 1971. Sylvia was a well known artist and picture restorer and operated her studio was located in the house.


The two level cedar home, located on 1.285 acres of land, has 452 sq ft of living space on the first level and 1512 sq ft on the second level. A connecting storage space on the first level could also serve as studio space, measuring 12 by 12. A detached workshop measures 12 by 17.


The first level of the home is suitable for guests or extended family as it has a bathroom and bedroom/den with walk-out access to the garden.


The second level overlooks the outstanding garden (more on the garden below). There is also a view of Bell Island and Conception Bay with Cupids and Bay Roberts in the background


In addition to the inside stairway, the second level has another entrance along a ramped path connected to wooden bridge at the back of the house. On this level are three bedrooms, one with an en¬-suite which, in recent years has been used as garden view studio space by the owner. The open concept living and dining area / sunroom takes full advantage of the views of the garden and ocean, and is connected to a functional galley kitchen.


The garden has been evolving for over forty years. With over 1 ¼ acres of lush garden, buyers will be truly amazed by the inventory of trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous plants, etc.. Here is a list for your review:


Black spruce Laburnum
White spruce Laurel willow
Fir Pussy willow
Horse chestnut Prunus
Dogberry (several varieties) Pear
Birch Sycamore
Larch Sugar maple
Alder Red maple
Amelanchia (several varieties) Korean maple

Shrubs, vines, herbaceous plants etc.

Azaleas Rosa Floribunda
Rhododendrons Heritage roses (two varieties)
Blackberries (two varieties, one thornless) Rosa Rugosa
Raspberries Rosa Multiflora
Black currant Cranesbill
Red currant Euphorbia (fireglow splurge)
Jost Foxglove
Gooseberry Golden Rod
Rhubarb Lily (three varieties)
Golden ninebark Monkshood
Honeysuckle Oriental poppy
Hops Thermopsis
Juniper (three varieties) Valerian
Lilac Snowdrop
Sand cherry Crocus
Viburnum Daffodil (several varieties)
Virginia creeper Tulip (three varieties)
Bluebell Scilla
Columbine Anemone
Forsythia Syringa



In addition, there are miscellaneous other flowering plants.


A buyer has many options for home improvement and enlargement, however the structure, with “very good bones”, can serve as your family home as it now stands. After about 50 years of cherished ownership, it is your turn to continue the evolution of this wonderful property on the drung.


Asking price is $369,000




To arrange a viewing, please call Chris O’Dea at 685-6559


Enjoy the photos which follow


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17 Alfred's Drung
Floor Plan A
Floor Plan B



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