Calf's Nose - For Sale



Spectacular Ocen front home located on a prominent peninsula in Trinity Harbour

An “Open Letter” to the Next Owner from the Current Owners

Thoughts About Our House on Calf’s Nose Point


We were introduced to a house named “Calf’s Nose”on Fifield Point Trinity East, by good friends from St. Johns who rented it summers from the previous owner. Then there was a rope ladder to the beach, a dug well with a trout named Fred living in it to eat the bugs, and a roof that leaked around the chimney. Early mornings we fished off Skerwink head, came ashore to clean our fish, and drank beer in the sun, moving around the house to avoid the wind. We could hardly believe the elemental beauty of the place.


In 2004 we heard the house was for sale. We jumped at the chance to buy it, offering full price. No-one could believe we were paying so much for such a wreck. Inspired by the “porches” at Fisher’s Loft Inn, we commissioned Mike Patterson to add 8 foot “linneys” on all four sides, then blew out the walls to make small rooms into larger living spaces. We raised the second floor so we could walk through the doorways, designed a modern kitchen, and added a third floor which gave us music space, sleeping space, two more writing carrels and immense storage. Later we added a stone wall with slate top for a large open deck around the house. A garden, a generator shed, and an insulated writing studio-shed followed.


We have spent all seasons here and loved the place through all imaginable weather—including hurricane Igor where hundred mile/hour winds blew salt water off the tops of waves into our windows. Within these walls we have written stanzas of poetry, several articles, and a full-length book, read together for countless hours before the fire, entertained family and friends, played music, watched the gulls and gannets from our deck and waited for the lighthouse light at dusk and on dark days. On warm evenings, in the falling light, we have often watched the boats fishing cod off of Fort Point while our beloved Maine Coon Cat hunts mice and voles in the long grass.


In the surrounding hills we have collected blueberries and raspberries, fished trout in the streams and cod off blackberry point, watched eagles soar and whales blow, “walked the loop” through our community to visit friends, launched our boats off the government beach, and listened to the foghorns off Horsechops and Dunfield. We’ve heard the loons calling back and forth between Freshwater and Sam White’s Beach, and lived like a King and Queen in our Castle by the sea…..grateful beyond measure for moments together in this blessed place.


For a private appointment to view this spectacular, one of a kind, ocean front property in Trinity Harbour, please reach out to Chris O’Dea at 685-6559 (area code 709)


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Calf's Nose Survey (PDF)
Calf's Nose Real Property Report (PDF)



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