Charity Auctions

Chris O’Dea has chaired charity auctions for a number of organizations that he has been involved with in the past, specifically, the Nfld. Historic Trust, the St. Clare’s Hospital Health Foundation, and the Trinity Trust. All of these auctions were a resounding success and raised significant funds for the non profit organizations in question.

Although there are now many charity auctions, nothing beats an auction as a solution to fund raising; as long as the organization in question attracts an audience of sufficient size to bid on the items that are up for sale.

For buyers, an auction represents an opportunity to experience a little excitement and have some fun. For the charity organization, auctioneering means bringing together large numbers of people. Those in attendance are normally favorably disposed towards the cause, and there is usually a natural competition that arises among potential buyers, especially buyers who are familiar with each other, that can translate into higher prices for items on the auction block.

O’Dea’s Auction Room may be able to assist in ways that could include, overall advice; cataloguing and inventory, marketing and advertising, training volunteer staff (especially spotters), clerking the sale, through to presenting you with a detailed, easy to read report after the auction.

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