O'Dea's Auction Room Ltd held an estate sale on Ground Hog Day on Feb. 2, 2002, in the Historic Star of the Sea Hall on Henry St.. Despite the snow storm, over 200 people attended the sale and it was a great success. You can view a
selection of the items that sold as captured in the following images:"

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Victorian parlour chair  $100.00
Sterling silver spoon $50.00 and forks  $35.00, $30.00
Knickerbocker pocket watch $60.00
Great Eastern Atlantic Telegraph Expedition Nfld. Print from 1866, one of a set of five $75.00 each
Victorian Oil Painting $210.00
Hummel figurines 

Bottle by Hummel apprentice 1955 $50.00

Happy Pastime ashtray 1955 $90.00

Silver plated candlesticks with copper base showing $40.00
Breton plate $20.00
Sterling slat and pepper $35.00
Silver crested meat cover c. 1850 $170.00
Edwardian glass spittoon $40.00
Bristol glass salt / rolling pin c.1850 $90.00
Brass candlestick c.1800 $85.00
English bidet with porcelain bowl on walnut stand c.1850 $125.00
English pedestal desk in oak and elm wood c.1910 $225.00
Pine chest of drawers c.1900 $275.00
English captain’s chair in elm and beech wood c.1870 $225.00
Indian carpet, possibly Hamadan 82” by 120” $925.00
Photo showing three items included in the sale including: Mahogany night table c. 1850; $360.00 Rosewood whatnot $190.00; & beveled mirror fire screen $90.00
Wing back chair $225.00
Hooked Rug from Quebec $300.00                                       
Early Edith Verrall painting of Bowring Park $100.00  
Currier and Ives “See my new boots”$25.00
Harvey & Co. calendar 1931 $55.00. This lot included a 1935 Bowrings anniversary booklet
Di Dabinet $275.00
Edith Verrall “Abraham and the three angels” $100.00
Gerard Brender a Brandis woodcut “Columbine” $75.00
Ilse Hughes “Mozart Horn Concerto” $75.00
Jim Maunder acrylic “Honesty” $100.00
Jean Claude Roy 1991 $350.00
Sylvia Benszsa 1991 “Down Home” $175.00 
Sylvia Bendsza 1991 “Round d’bay $275.00
Rae  Perlin $325.00
Edith Verrall framed copper enamel $100.00 
Julia Pickard 1989 “ Cabot Ave  $150.00
Edith Verrall 1992 “Place de Grand Village” $110.00
Adam style plaster overmantle with beveled mirrors $425.00
Model of a schooner , restored and green Bristol type glass lamp $400.00
Acrylic 1992 by Clifford George $375.00
Marble top parlour table $200.00
McLagan mahogany china cabinet $550.00
McLagan mahogany sideboard $550.00
Edwardian Parlour Chair $125.00
Regency Mahogany Sette c.1940 $1250.00
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