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Land for sale, just over an acre, with the best view in Trinity looking out over the community and the majestic harbour and Trinity Bay. For those that know the area, from this property, one can look right through Bacccalieu Tickle on the Eastern side of Trinity Bay. When standing on the land, one may find the urge to break out and sing the Ode to Newfoundland.


The area will offer great enjoyment for the buyer, the buyerís family and guests for all seasons. The renowned Skerwink Trail, rated by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the top 35 trails in North America and Europe, is located just across the harbour. Closer to home, the trail which circles Gun Hill will be on your doorstep and as you complete the hike, you can drop in at Trinity Mercantile for your freshly ground morning coffee, roasted on site.


Or try the Fish and Chips at the Dock Marina rivals that served at Chesís in St. Johnís


There are many more trails to discover that will take you to resettled communities and coastal hike that are unrivalled. A few of the trails can be seen here:


After a brisk and enjoyable hike, you may need a refreshment and if so, check out the Port Rexton Brewing Company where Sonja and Alicia will serve up some of the best ale in the Province:


Sailors and boaters will enjoy the 22 miles of Trinity Harbour coastline and can explore the many resettled communities on the islands and coastal headlands in Trinity Bay. Why not check out the resettled communities and let Bruce Miller be your guide:


Sea Kayakers will enjoy a wonderful venue with a cave to explore at the harbour entrance and the Freshwater falls can be explored after a paddle of about 15 minutes. A boil up on one of the many beaches with freshly harvested mussels is a real treat. Bring your own kayaks or check out:



Theatre goers can enjoy a play by Rising Tide Theatre (


Nature lovers will enjoy seeing bald eagles flying above and whales ( , , feeding on capelin among the bergie bits and remaining icebergs.


Divers can explore 18th century wrecks and harvest scallops on the ocean floor.


Berry pickers will be mesmerized by the abundance of blueberries and partridgeberries on your doorstep and livyers may be inclined to show you where the great bakeapple grounds can be found. And if you are really lucky, you may find that special patch of Chanterelle mushrooms in the dappled sunlight on an old woods trail.


Salmon fishermen can try their hand at nearby Champney’s River or Trouty River and trout can be found in the many lakes and ponds. Cod jigging is available in season on your doorstep


Winter residents will enjoy the cross country skiing and unlimited land upon which skidooing can be enjoyed. Downhill skiers will enjoy White Hills, about an hour down the road. See


Golfers can bring their clubs as the View ( is just a few miles away and the incredible Terra Nova Golf Course ( is about an hour’s drive from this site.


For an incredible dining experience, you can take a short drive to the 4 ½ star Fisher’s Loft (, or stay in Trinity and check out a variety of outstanding places to have a great meal such as the Twine Loft


or the Eriksen Premises


Need a chocolate treat after dinner, drop down to the main wharf and see Aunt Sarah:




Aunt Sarahís also serves homemade ice cream on Hogís Nose.


This general area in the Trinity Bight is a location in great demand in recent years with visitors from all over the world discovering all the pleasures this part of the world has to offer. There have been a number of visitors who have bought homes in the area and many others who have been fortunate enough to buy a suitable piece of land upon which to build a house. Most new builds are designed to complement the heritage architecture of the area. This is due in part to the fact that there is an individual living in the area, Frank LaPointe, who is an outstanding visual artist and designer and he is continually dealing with new clients wishing to build. There are many examples of his work to be seen in the area including the four primary buildings at Fisherís Loft.


Trinity shores have been occupied for about 500 years and for a little about the fantastic history of the area, visit:


The Trinity Bight is known as a location for movie making and there is a lasting legacy to Random Passage which can be seen at:


Much additional information and links to other sites can be seen at:






And from a broader provincial perspective, check out


Here are a couple of additional photos showing the views from this incredible property, and the survey is also included


Asking price is $150,000. For additional information, please call Chris O’Dea at 6856559 or email


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