Benefits of Selling By Auction

Why sell by auction at O’Dea’s Auction Room?

  • Auctions can generate excitement and buyer interest.
  • The auction brings interested buyers to a point of decision. Buyers must act on or lose an opportunity to purchase items of interest.
  • Competitive bidding sets fair market value for items sold that day.
  • Auctions generally outperform other marketing strategies.
  • Advertising in advance stimulates significant interest and can be supplemented with direct marketing, target marketing, resulting in exposure of auction items to a large number of segmented prospects during viewing hours.
  • The seller sets the time and can set the place of the sale.
  • The auction takes the seller out of the negotiation process.
  • Free house calls and confidential pre-auction estimates.
  • Reserved bids (minimum acceptable price, below which your property cannot be sold ), can be established by the seller, in consultation with the auctioneer, for selected items prior to the consignment.
  • Opportunity to reduce inventory or dispose of other business or personal assets/chattels and receive cash settlement within ten working days.

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