Historic and Charming Trinity, Trinity Bay


Beautiful piece of prime land in Trinity.



Located behind the landmark Catholic Church ( ) building which was built in the 1830’s, and surrounded by many heritage properties, a home built on this 1/5 acre of land would have a great view of the Harbour.


You can launch your kayak across the street, explore the harbour entrance cave, try some cod jigging, shower under the falls at Freshwater, enjoy watching the bald eagles and whales, and have a boil up of fresh mussels in Sam White’s Cove.


Sir Richard Whitbourne, in his “1620 Discourse and Discovery of Newfoundland” described this harbour, with over 20 miles of ocean frontage as the best in the land.


Divers can explore 18th century wrecks and harvest the large scallops on the ocean floor.


Hikers will enjoy the many coastal walking trails including the renowned Skerwink Trail.


Blueberries and partridgeberries abound, and insiders may tell you the location of great bakeapple grounds.


Golfers can drive 15 minutes to the View or 50 minutes to Terra Nova Golf Course for great golf and great scenery.


Salmon fisherman can try for a catch at the nearby Champney’s River or Trouty River and trout fisherman can enjoy fishing the many lakes and ponds in the area.


Winter residents will enjoy outstanding back country cross country sky and skidoo trips to the many resettled communities.


Rising Tide Theatre will provide great entertainment during the summer and fall season and there are many options to consider for dining at locations such as 4 ˝ star Fisher’s Loft, the Dock Marina, the Erickson Premises, and the Trinity Mercantile will be you morning meeting place for that fresh ground fix of coffee and yes they will even prepare your picnic lunch with fine hams and cheeses.


Trinity is a location in great demand, however, there are rarely any houses available to purchase in the area. As a result, those few who have been fortunate to find a piece of land have built new houses in recent years. Those houses have been built to complement the heritage character of the community as there is an individual in the Trinity Bight who is an outstanding artist and designer and he is continually dealing with new clients wishing to build in the area. His work is outstanding and evidence of his work can be seen in the design of the structures at Fisher’s Loft ( ).


This property is being offered for sale for $79,000. For additional information, please call Chris O’Dea at 709-685-6559 or email


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