Your guide to buying at ODeas Auction Room

The auction method is an excellent way to buy anything you want or need. You actually help determine the price of the item(s) you purchase. If you have never attended one of the auctions at ODeas Auction Room, I would like to help you understand the process.

At the outset, let me suggest to you that bidding is easy, exciting and fun. There is absolutely no reason to be hesitant to attend or bid at our auctions. After all, patrons have been buying at auction since ancient Roman times, and it generally considered to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. And there is no need to worry, in that yawning, blinking your eyes, or scratching your head does mean that you have suddenly outbid someone or bought something. Auctioneers are trained professionals who can readily differentiate a normal body gesture from an auction bid.

If you wish to buy at auction, the simple steps are as follows:

  1. Proceed to the registration table so that the staff can record your presence.
  2. You will be issued a numbered bid card at registration, and you will be supplied with a numbered list of items to be auctioned.
  3. You will have an opportunity to view the items in advance of the start time of the auction and viewing times will be noted in the auction advertising.
  4. As auctioneer, I will call for bids on the listed items, and will normally open the bidding significantly less that the expected selling price. Bid increments will vary and will be dependant on value of the item. When calling bids for bids, I will announce the current price and the price I am asking for next (e.g. I am bid $200, would you go $225 ).
  5. If at any point, you would like to place your bid, simply raise your hand
  6. When I feel that I have received the highest bid, I will call "all in all done". This will give one more chance to bid. If there are no further bids, I will announce "sold"
  7. I will then announce the sold price as a means to confirm the closing price and ask for the bid number that is boldly written on the back of your bid card.
  8. At ODeas Auction Room, we will usually employ our computer system, and your successful bid will immediately be recorded on the clerks notebook computer. The data will then instantly appear on the cashiers notebook computer. You can buy your item at any time during the auction or after the auction has been concluded

Remember that all items at auction are sold in "AS IS" condition. For that reason I strongly urge you to bid only on items that you have completely examined, as all auction sales are final. Our staff will be honest and fair in the description of all items, however, the buyer will be solely responsible for the final judgement with regard to condition, age, authenticity, and worth of any items on sale at the auction. It is therefore very important to use your preview time wisely.

Enjoy the auction experience


Chris ODea
ODeas Auction Room
Phone 579-3323 or 685-6559 or 1866-579-3323

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